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The need to moving house to a better place is becoming more and more popular especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa, Binh Duong and other big cities. Therefore, the low-cost package moving service is currently very developed, this is a smart and comfortable solution when customers need to move house.

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Moving house service


moving companyremovalist or van line is a company that helps people and businesses move their goods from one place to another. It offers all-inclusive services for relocations, like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, and arranging of items to be shifted. Additional services may include cleaning services for houses, offices or warehousing facilities.


Package moving is a service of transporting houses from one location to another where the whole transportation process is performed by the house moving service company in accordance with the signed transportation contract. In which the obligation of the carrier must fully provide the following items:

  • Necessary materials to pack and wrap assets such as: Cartons, PE film, foam beads, tape to ensure safety
  • Enough workers: dismantling, packing, loading and unloading, transporting, milleting, installing according to customer’s request from the moving address to the new address. (Including disassembling and disassembling the air conditioner, heating and cooling, if any, specified clearly. in the contract of carriage).
  • Adjust the vehicle correctly, with enough tonnage to transport items quickly and safely.
  • Ensure the fastest and safest moving service with property.
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Note when hiring a package moving service

  • Choose a reputable house moving company to avoid loss of money;
  • Employees of the moving company must wear a uniform with a logo, a letter of introduction or an employee card
  • Check and sign the list of assets to be transported to avoid transporting missing assets;
  • Must contract and liquidate the contract of carriage to avoid existing disputes;
  • Immediately respond to the company if there is any loss or damage to property so that the company can handle it promptly.

How to choose a reputable package moving company

Through the introduction of friends who have used the package moving service. This is the first choice when we first use the service. Because there are relatives who are familiar with using it, they know if the carrier has good service or not.

If no one introduces us, we can go online to search for the wise Google uncle. By searching keywords: reputable moving services, reputable moving companies… Google will return the results of companies providing moving services. You can find out through the company’s website ( A reputable company usually must have a website, on the website must show all necessary contact information such as: address, phone number. You can check by going directly to the address on the website, or contact the phone number for advice on the service. Through consulting you can get a lot of professionalism from the company

How is the price list of package moving services calculated?

The price of the package moving service depends on many different factors such as:

  • Customer’s shipping volume (this is a direct determinant of shipping costs)
  • The road that needs to be moved between the old house and the new house
  • Next is the packaging materials (usually for the case of packing materials not exceeding 10 boxes, 100% of the cost of materials is free).
  • For the best moving price list, please contact Hotline 090 950 79 51 (Zalo), the company will send a staff to your home to survey and offer the best shipping service price.

Note: (all consultation and service survey is completely free of charge).

Saigon Vimove Company is proud to be the cheapest and fastest service provider today. We are committed to quality service and ensure fast shipping without causing loss or damage to customer belongings.

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In the past, when there was a need to move house, people usually did the steps themselves. However, in the process of moving your house, it will take a lot of time as well as unnecessary costs. Therefore, the efficiency for moving house is not high. In addition, moving house by yourself also comes with many risks that make you face many difficulties. Therefore, hiring a package moving service is the most ideal option.

Compared to having to move house by yourself, using a package moving service will bring much better efficiency because:

  • No need to pack, disassemble or install furniture
  • You do not have to transport and carry the furniture yourself
  • You don’t need to rent a car to move house yourself
  • Time to move to a new house is much faster
  • Ensure safety during moving
  • Furniture and goods are kept in good quality by being securely and carefully packed

It can be said that these are the great advantages that make the package moving service always be trusted and used by customers in recent times. Let’s find out more specifically about the package moving service at 24h Cheap House Moving to have the most perfect choice.


Currently, there are many addresses that provide package moving services to help customers have more options. However, the important issue you need to pay attention to is that you should choose a reputable moving company. They will bring you the best home transportation options and maximum cost savings.

Chuyển văn phòng trọn gói giá rẻ

In many home delivery addresses, it is impossible not to mention 24h cheap house moving. To meet the growing demand, 24h cheap house moving has provided full house moving services, package office moving, warehouse moving, truck rental for house moving… The services we provide All levels are controlled according to the most professional process with service quality always being our top priority.


✅ Moving house cheap package ⭐Saigon Vimove will do everything: From packing, providing trucks, drivers, carrying furniture in the inner city and going to other provinces.
✅ Full office moving service ⭐ Saigon Vimove receives moving and moving offices, professionally priced in the city and to neighboring provinces
✅ Moving student accommodation ⭐ Move in cheap student accommodation package, 100% insurance for lost and damaged items
✅ Rent a truck to move house ⭐ Supply trucks from 1 to 5 tons to serve your house moving on request
✅ Warehouse transfer service ⭐ Clean and arrange the transportation of goods, equipment, and prestigious factory packages
✅ Cargo service ⭐ Transportation of manufactured goods and machinery. bonsai, fast and convenient equipment

Especially, the package moving service at Chuyennhagiare24h is attracting many people’s attention. Accordingly, using the package moving service at Chuyennhagiare24h, customers will be provided with transportation solutions with the lowest cost. From there, customers will be transferred to a new space with the fastest time, the most reasonable price.


Currently, although there are many house moving services born, Chuyennhagiare24h is one of the transportation companies that is highly appreciated for its quality. Therefore, customers will be completely assured that all work processes will be guaranteed the best quality. Choose to use the package moving service at our company, customers will be completely satisfied.

Chuyennhagiare24h provides the most optimal moving solutions

In order to help customers get the most reasonable and economical moving solutions, the company will provide solutions that are suitable for the specific situation. Accordingly, the company will advise you on the most optimal means of moving house based on many criteria such as:

  • Client’s budget
  • Actual volume of furniture and equipment to be moved
  • Distance, journey to the new address
  • Time to move house

Based on this information, the company will advise you which plan is the most appropriate and fastest. A team of professional consultants will help customers save costs and bring the best service quality.

Dịch vụ vận tải 24h tại Sài Gòn

Fully equipped with equipment for home transportation

While transporting will need a lot of specialized equipment to support the fastest house moving work. 24h cheap moving house constantly upgrading and equipped with many modern machines and equipment including:

  • Various types of trucks and taxis can carry all volumes of goods
  • Items for packing and wrapping goods such as cartons
  • Specialized trucks for transporting goods, furniture…

So that customers will be completely assured that the goods and furniture will be packed with the most care by the staff. From there, the goods will be secured during transportation. In addition, for heavy goods, bulky furniture or equipment, the company will have the most suitable packaging options to keep the quality intact.

Diverse types of package moving services

In order to help customers have better moving options, the company deploys many types of package moving services such as: Road, air, waterway… So depending on the transportation requirements, The company will advise you on the most suitable form of transportation.

Usually, home transportation by road will be suitable for transportation distances that are not too far and limited budget. But if the transport is long, the budget is comfortable and you need to ensure a fast schedule, then a dedicated plane is the perfect choice. In addition, we also have additional types of water transportation to meet the unique needs of customers.

Preferential package moving service price

Depending on the specific requirements, the type of transportation, there will be different shipping quotes. However, the company always has home transportation options so that customers can save as much money as possible. In addition, the Company also has special discounts and incentives for customers. Therefore, not only ensuring the quality, the company also applies extremely attractive prices so that customers have the best experience when using the package moving service.

Satisfactory compensation policy

When conducting a house transportation contract, the company will commit to the quality and safety of your property. However, in the process of deploying as well as loading and unloading, it is inevitable that objective factors affect the customer’s belongings. Therefore, the company will have the most satisfactory compensation policy to help customers rest assured to use our services.


Dịch vụ chuyển nhà tphcm giá rẻ

24h cheap house moving is one of the most reputable and trusted house moving units today. So to ensure the fastest service, please refer to the process of implementing house moving service at our company as follows:

Step 1: Receive requests and advice

As soon as we receive your request, our staff will contact you directly to advise you in detail. For large volumes of furniture, long-distance transportation, the company’s staff will come to the place to directly survey to help customers plan the best moving plan.

Step 2: Quotation and contract signing

With the information that the customer requires during the consultation process, the Company will make a list of specific service prices for specific work items on the day of moving in the most complete and detailed way. Accordingly, the prices will be optimally designed to save costs for customers.

When the customer agrees with the moving price list, the two parties will sign a contract. Depending on each quote, there will be separate payment regulations. Customers can use the form of bank transfer or pay cash.

Step 3: Proceed to moving house

When the contract is signed, the company will plan to move the package house to the customer according to the committed time. All work items are performed in accordance with the signed contract.

Step 4: Acceptance and liquidation of the contract

When the transportation process is over, the two sides will check and accept the work. After that, the contract will be liquidated and the remaining costs will be paid.

Currently, the demand for package relocation is constantly increasing. Therefore, choosing a reputable and professional moving service at 24h Cheap Moving, customers will have a quality service experience at a reasonable cost. Please contact 24h cheap moving house immediately at Hotline 090 950 79 51 (Zalo) for advice and service quotes in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring southern provinces.

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