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When you hire a housing moving service in Ho Chi Minh City, you not only pay the service fee, but also hand over all your belongings and assets to strangers to help you move! So finding a reputable moving company with good prices is always the top wish of anyone in need of moving house or apartment moving service to a new place.

Saigon Vimove always believes that only by giving effort and responsibility can we receive the trust and confidence of customers. So for us, “Service quality – Service attitude” is given top priority.

Saigon Vimove always tries to help customers move packages quickly, safely and at the most economical cost possible! To this day, through many ups and downs, we have accompanied many households moving house throughout Ho Chi Minh City. Receive valuable compliments and suggestions. That is the motivation for us to strive to improve more and more, becoming a provider of professional house moving services with top quality in the Ho Chi Minh City area.

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Cheap house moving in Ho Chi Minh City is a service of packing, disassembling and transporting assets including furniture, machinery, supplies,… motels, houses to the new address in a complete package according to the optimal process. time and human resources to ensure the homeowner’s property.

Renting a moving truck to move house or room: Customers will disassemble, pack and load their belongings themselves. Saigon Vimove’s car and driver will help you arrange your belongings in the car and transport them to the new place. This service package is more suitable when moving house and is suitable for customers with few belongings and a lot of free time, it helps you save maximum costs.

Use a full house moving service: All work during the moving process is done by our staff. Saigon Vimove undertakes under your guidance. With many years of experience. We will disassemble, cover, pack your furniture, load, transport and arrange it neatly at your new home on your behalf, ensuring absolute safety for your belongings. We will ensure safety during the process and you do not have to waste any effort doing anything.


Save time and ensure furniture safety

Everyone knows that moving house takes a lot of time and effort, especially in sorting and arranging furniture. There are items that seem very compact but in fact, when disassembled, they are extremely cumbersome. But, with the all-inclusive moving service in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s different. Most services today have tools and means to transport furniture. In addition, the full house moving service also has a team of well-trained staff who work professionally under the supervision of the management team. Furniture and items will be wrapped in PE film cartons to ensure safety and avoid damage.

Energy savings

When using a full house moving service, you will not need to spend much effort to disassemble household appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, gas stoves, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc., because this job requires technique and expertise. skillful. With expertise and experience, the staff of the moving services will conduct disassembly safely and quickly.

After transporting to the new location, the service’s employees will assemble and arrange the items to reduce the customer’s weight and anxiety in properly distributing the items.

Maximum cost savings

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You will be advised on which means to use for your move so that the load and size are suitable for the volume of your belongings. Besides, these vehicles are always inspected to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Therefore, the above advantages are the reasons why you should choose a full house moving service. But, which service is cheap, professional, and reputable?

Our Saigon Vimove moving service in Ho Chi Minh City is proud to be a provider of cheap and quality house moving and house cleaning services according to a professional process for all customers in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong. Duong and Bien Hoa.


The package moving process is chosen by many customers because of its convenience and speed. Currently, after the process of collecting and synthesizing customer opinions, Saigon Vimove has a general process as follows:

  1. Receive information from customers who need to move house and call the company
  2. Surveying the terrain and assessing the volume of furniture to be transported is an important step in the moving process.
  3. Quotation for package shipping for customers
  4. Sign a contract and set a time to transport the house.
  5. When moving house, all belongings are packed in appropriate packaging.
  6. All cartons are sealed from the time they are packed until they are dismantled under customer supervision.
  7. After packing, the boxes will be numbered for each room, each floor and each individual
  8. When moving to a new home address, all furniture and equipment will be unloaded and installed according to the customer’s drawings and requirements.

The above process statistics are intended to help customers have a basic picture of the process of operating a full house moving service in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Each company’s services will have different service regulations and procedures, depending on the customer’s requirements and wishes, the service will have appropriate changes. CALL NOW 090 950 79 51 (Zalo) to get a quick and reasonable quote from the customer service department.


Which cheap moving company in Ho Chi Minh City is good and how to choose the best cheap moving service in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers moving for the first time and looking for a cheap moving service are often confused and don’t know how to choose, and how to use a professional, safe and quality cheap moving service for themselves. quantity.

You know, if you want to choose a good, reputable and professional cheap house moving service in Ho Chi Minh City, you must understand that business, and certainly you need to take some time to learn about the moving company. that house when you need to move. Make full use of your search skills as well as call relatives, search, and ask questions on communities to get the most accurate assessment and evaluation information.

On time, on schedule

The truck arrives on schedule, transports quickly without delaying your plans. Ready to serve 24/7

Best package price

Advise on the most suitable vehicle type for the volume of goods and compare prices with partners to select the best price

Comprehensive service quality

Service quality is the number 1 priority, goods are transported carefully by a dedicated professional team and specialized vehicles.

This will be even simpler because Saigon moving Vimove also shares with you how to choose a cheap and good moving service in Ho Chi Minh City. There are many factors that influence and evaluate whether the moving service at that moving company is reputable and of good quality or not. Basically you need to grasp some information about the business you want to use the shipping service for.

You need to pay attention and learn information including:

  • What is the truck system of the cheap moving company in Ho Chi Minh City, how many trucks are there, and how do previous customers evaluate that moving company?
  • Are the moving company’s staff reputable and professional? Are the moving appointments accurate? and whether furniture or goods are damaged during transportation.
  • When furniture and property are damaged or lost during the move, will the company be responsible, how long will the compensation be and how long will it take to process???
  • Certainly, if it is a professional, reputable moving company, if you are transporting a lot of complicated furniture, will that moving company conduct surveys and research?
  • How much does the house moving service cost, is it as promised, is it as quoted…


Each cheap house moving service in Ho Chi Minh City that customers choose will have prices that vary depending on the vehicle’s tonnage and number of kilometers transported. The larger the vehicle’s tonnage and the longer the transportation kilometers, the higher the car rental price list and vice versa. However, Chuyennhagiare24h is committed to always offering the most competitive prices compared to other taxi truck services on the market. You can save from 5% to 10% of costs when using the company’s taxi truck service.

Besides, the company’s moving service price list is always transparent and clear, helping customers to easily view and choose. During the process of renting a truck, the company commits not to pay any additional costs, so you can have complete peace of mind. In particular, for units that need to rent trucks in large quantities for long periods of time, the company will have separate incentives for customers to get the greatest benefit.

Bên cạnh đó, bảng giá dịch vụ chuyển nhà của công ty luôn minh bạch, rõ ràng giúp khách hàng có thể dễ dàng xem tham khảo và lựa chọn. Trong quá trình thuê xe tải công ty cam kết không đưa ra bất cứ khoản chi phí phát sinh nào nên bạn có thể hoàn toàn yên tâm. Đặc biệt, với các đơn vị có nhu cầu thuê xe tải với số lượng lớn, thời gian dài công ty sẽ có các chế độ ưu đãi riêng để khách hàng có được lợi ích lớn nhất.

Vehicle type Opening price
0 – 4 km (VNĐ)
From 5 km or more (VNĐ/km) Waiting fee
500kg 200.000 19.000 80.000
1 Ton 250.000 22.000 80.000
1.5 Ton 280.000 25.000 80.000
1.9 Ton 350.000 26.000 100.000
2.4 Ton 380.000 38.000 100.000

The price list of cheap house moving services in Ho Chi Minh City above is listed to help customers refer to the service cost at Cheap House Moving compared to other taxi delivery service units and then make a decision. exactly for your needs.

Phản hồi của khách hàng về dịch vụ chuyển nhà


There are many cheap moving service companies in Ho Chi Minh City today. You just need to search online for keywords related to “house moving” services and it will bring you a lot of information and companies providing them. service.

This is no longer a strange service, small and large transportation companies are also encroaching on this industry. However, to find a good company with quality and cheap price, you need to have accurate judgments and choices to limit unfortunate problems that may occur. When transporting and packing household appliances and furniture, damage and loss, especially for valuable items, can cause damage to the homeowner’s property.

So please contact reputable companies with good translation quality like Saigon Vimove to have the best transportation services, ensuring assets are not damaged or lost. Saigon Vimove Company also has an insurance contract for belongings. If they are lost or damaged, they will compensate 100% of the value of the damaged property. Providing such services will help customers have confidence in the service as well as ensure the value of the customer’s products.

How to contact a full-service cheap house moving service company in Ho Chi Minh City? CALL NOW 090 950 79 51 (Zalo) to have a consultant answer all questions about the form and price of house moving services in the most detailed and specific way.

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